The Cliched List of Things-to-Do-Before-I-Find-The-Elixir-of-Everlasting-Life

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The Original Bucket List Countdown:

5. Become Vicky Frankenstein 2.0 and create my very own, very original Beta Bush Monster.

Beta Bush Monster
Well, what did you expect?

4. Become Queen by making an army of Beta Bush Monsters. Okay okay. This is the last of Beta Bush Monsters. Pinky Swear.

People will die after a glimpse of my adorable army.
People will die after a glimpse of my adorable army.

3. Kill all the cockroaches in the whole wide universe (!) with my pet Beta Bush Monster (hey, I broke a pinky swear but you were dumb enough to believed me).

2. Bankrupt Mark Zuckerberg.

1. Be awesome. Oh wait. That’s done.

The Revised much more saner Bucket List:

1. Find a bucket first. Okay, done.

2. Make a glass full of Momordica charantia juice and drink it (just because).

3. Visit Musée du Louvre in Paris.

4. Publish my novel.

5. Get on TV.

Five and counting . . .

Your List:

To anyone who had the patience or interest to get to the end of this page (yay to you!), what do you really want to do before you die (because, as I keep saying it, no one is as great as me to find the Elixir of everlasting life)? Write to me at my email (only sane wishes accepted). If I add your wish here, know that you have to complete it and share your wish  on your blog (if you don’t have one, write to me in the email address mentioned above and I upload a detailed post about your doings).

Leave a Comment/Constructive Criticism. It makes the Author flail happily.

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