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Short Circuiting

Our midterms just went by. After a gruelling month of studying nights and giving the exams with no confidence whatsoever, we were looking forward to the English test on the last day.

Unfortunately, it was an easy paper.

And that meant heavy checking.

It was all pretty deprssing. There was no halo of anywhere. The dark tunnel never seemed to end, and our brains got short-circuited, and us students have now a desire to study more.

Maybe it was normal for a few days. But then disaster stroke. We felt like studying.


Jiya: Hmm. Ooo, a new CD came out. Let’s try googling it

After five minutes:
Maybe later I can start with a chapter of science. The mole concept will be coming next, I guess. I should read it beforehand so that Gimi ma’am does not kill us all. Someone has to remain standing in class . . .

Of course, the feeling never changed to actually reading the chapters.

But it is still pretty annoying. I am writing this post thinking and hoping Gimi ma’am does not kill us.

Of course, the major effect of the endless studying is shown in our texts. Since, me and most of my friends are freaks for texting, this is a major disaster.

Text Conversations During Exams:

Yui: U know he sd I’m crazy. Do u thnk I’m crazy? Hw mch hv u finished studying?

May: Yes, u r definitely crazy xD 1 ch is left.

Yui: I hate you! (hate messages are best given in full forms. u.u) I am not crazy! 1 ch?! Nice!

May: Bt u ARE! (Eh? Seriously? xD) tnk. ok, night then.

Yui: Jeez ToT (Seriously. Try caps n bold too) Night???? It’s 12 p.m. Whaaat?

May: jus takin a small nap.

Yui: k. bye.

May: bye.

Angie: Hola. This is crazy, you know?

Yui: Even u! I’m nt crazy!

Angie: Whoa! Relax! I didn’t say YOU are crazy. One nighters are crazy, not you!

Yui: Sorry. It had the word ‘you’ in that sentence, so . . . -_-” Gettin a little paranoid dese days.

Angie: I can relate. Anyways, what’s the answer of  the question number four of the bio sample paper Ajay sir gave?

Angie: Oi!

Angie: Hellooooo??? You there?

Angie: You died? 😮 😮 😮

Angie: Okay then. I’ll prepare the funeral after the exams.

Yui: Sorry. Ws chatting wid May.

Angie: She stopped replying?

Yui: Yeah.

Angie: I think she died.

Yui: 😮

There was a long string of texts like these after this which mainly involed May saying ‘yes’ to everything, which ended up in her becoming a zombie and plans by Angie and Yui of killing May, to which May agreed.

But I won’t bore you with them. And also, my patience is running out with a person I am currently exchangings texts with. My text brain has returned. Hers has not. And I am going mad trying to keep up with her.

Actually a great way to make things interesting.

I Have a Lot to Pity Myself For

Really? I don’t see the perspective. This is humiliating. *I sit in the corner to pity myself*

My blogger friend Hobbles is throwing a pity party on her blog. To see what it is actually about, click here.

For  those of you who know, I am going to pity myself in bullet points since I am too lazy to . . . well think.

  • Hobbles is not actually a friend. She can be called a pseudo-friend. If I ever meet her in person, I’ll probably be too shy to say ‘Hi’. *social fail*
  • I am too lazy. *the reason for being a social fail*
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<This is called eliciting some good ol’ frustrated screaming. Why, you ask? Because I am pitying myself, you thick-headed human.
  • I didn’t get some oil colours I was desperately seeking. Oh this cruel world!
  • I didn’t get something else I don’t remember the name of. Or rather I am too lazy to remember the name of.
  • Problems of exams! One finished on previous Friday. The next starts in the next month. *midterms*
  • I’ll fail.
  • I think I jinxed that.
  • I think i jinxed that too.
  • Great. Now I am officially confused about the meaning of ‘Jinxed’.
  • Cockroach climbing my leg! Go away! Go away! I hate you!
  • LATE FOR THE PITY PARTY. Wait, no. I was too busy pitying myself to pity myself in the pity party.

I have no idea what to pity myself for anymore.  Maybe I should pity myself for not knowing to pity myself.

  • I pity myself for not knowing how to pity myself.