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I Love My Nieces and Nephews But . . .

I don’t like it when they:

  • Try to strangle me.
  • Puke. (especially when you try to hold then closer to show your love) Then puke again. (and on the mouth)
  • Blame me for something. (“She gave me that ridiculous amount of hot chutney that will give me loose motions” *points at me*)
  • Ask questions which can never be answered (“Why don’t you have money?”)
  • Throw flour over me and play “Evade the ghost”.
  • Start crying when I call them.
  • Start smelling and depositing snot all over my newest tube of lipgloss.

But you know, all in all, kids are awesome.

I cannot wait for them to grow up though.

Until then:


Hello world!

Hola, people. I am suffering through mood swings so I have been getting urges to kill losing track of what I start to say. Um  . . . what was it? Oh yes, I am Ankita D. TADA!

*le me forgot what I wanted to say*

Moving on:

I have a biiiiig headache. Creating a Gravatar and a blog and a separate e-mail and then forgetting all of the passwords can do that to you. Thankfully, all well’s right now. I mean, aside from the fact I want to slam my face on the computer screen, which I kinda figure will be messy. Truly messy.

Anyways, since I am too lazy right now my brain has gone into an unresponsive mode, I feel that I’ll update my blog later.

Love on August 26th,