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Dying. No, not actual dying.

Just a heads up to my dedicated followers (shut up, Voice in My Head, I have followers. They’re just shy.) that I’ll be very very busy till April next year because I’m in last year of High School (is that how the rest of the world says it?) and I’ll be busy making a career.

I’ll still login every now and then and may or may not post something just for the hell of it. (Mum will totally allow that, Voice.)

Also, I’m making another blog focused mainly on writing and art, and I intend to get it  up sometime next year before November. Anyone who wants to help me in this, please don’t hesitate and contact me. Or maybe just drop me a few tips.


Ankita Deka

(It’s fine. People already know my name. Some do. I think. Why are you back anyway?)

The Daily Life of High School Seniors

I admit, I have been entertaining thoughts of deleting this blog and never ever thinking about what I posted here. But . . . I wanted to rant and I can’t anywhere else otherwise my friends are going to shoot me.

This is going to be long, people. Sit down and try to keep up.

Note: The title is self-explanatory.

There was a thing about my friend N, which A, her friend told H, his friend.

H mentioned it to his girlfriend, M.

M (conspiratorially) told Z.

Z consulted S.

Z and S (hesitantly) told N.

I listened.

With me?

N was upset.

Z and S cornered NA.

We think NA told MA and they told A. (remember him?)

A told H. 

Still reading?

H discussed it with is girlfriend (same one), M.

M cornered Z.

M may or may not have insulted S.

S wasn’t sure. She was offended nonetheless.

I listened.

[On a different note, O doesn’t care and SH is clueless.]

Now, Z and S may just threaten NA.

Who may just seek refuge in MA,

They may just consult A.

A may just rant in front of H.

H may just ask M’s opinion.

Here? Wait . . . don’t leave yet!

You may have guessed what I will do.

I’ll listen.

And probably make plans to tie them to chairs, lock them in a room, and threaten them unless they talk.

Confused? I know I am.

Just for the sake of the one’s who skipped this after two lines, here’s a quick diagram I made.

Nah, just kidding. Too much work.

But . . . pi charts are easy, so here you go.