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I Made a Cat. Because.

Just when the moments arise when I’m seriously considering deleting my blog and never ever thinking about it again, I find gems like Cat-like Icon Maker.

So I made a cat. Because.



It was originally supposed to be my sister in . . . um . . . cat form, with her emotionless expression and her freaky suspicious eyes (no, I’m kidding, sis. Really) but the question mark was way too cute not to add.

I want to make cats for everyone I know now, so watch out for more kitties on my blog.

My readers (you, my dears) won’t be spared. Beware.

Exams during Birthdays–Absolute Murder

HOW DARE YOU RUIN THIS CAKE WITH ALL THE CANDLES?!? Oh wait. That's vanilla. Never mind.
HOW DARE YOU RUIN THIS CAKE WITH ALL THE CANDLES?!? Oh wait. That’s vanilla. Never mind.

I can sum up birthday’s in three words: tyranny or blissfulness.

The two words are forever changing places. If it’s not yours, it’s tyranny. If it’s yours, it’s pure blissfulness. You can ask for whatever you want, however you want and everyone will be happy to comply. If not really happy just say “But it’s my birthday.” or maybe “It’s my freaking birthday, morons!” Either works.

To emphasise my point, I have two situations.


You: Mum, I want a cat.

Mother: Sure, dear. Should we go today to the pet shop?


You: Mum, I want a cat.

Mother: Sure. Go  to the pet shop and buy it. Also, don’t come back.

See the difference? But looks like I won’t be able to ask for my cat this time. Actually, I can never ask for it since I don’t have the time to persuade the necessary people.

Why, you ask?


Really. Who made up the concept of having the annuals right in the spring and the concept of having a major exam right after summer vacations? And CCE?

Oh yeah, I remember.

[Due to issues and stuff, this photo is censored. Thank you.]

The exams start four days after my birthday. Till date, I have done quite a few of the chapters. You know, somewhere around . . . zero?

And I'm like . . .
And I’m like . . .

It is probably best if I do some actual cramming rather than write this (excruciatingly painful) (however awesome) post.