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Seven Fandoms: From Pages to the Screen

  • Twilight fandom: Gah! That’s Edwarrd Cullen! OMG, Carlise! The Werewolves are heeere! Look at THOSE ABS.

So basically they’re clowns on crack. Sorta.

Those are pretty great.


  • Robert Langdon (Dan Brown) fandom: Hmm, the people are sexier in my head.

Or is this just me?

*and swoon*


  • Lord of the Rings fandom: *chucking harmless rings into volcanoes since 1954*

Some fandoms never change . . .



  • Sherlock fandom: Hyperventilating from excess of hotness, coolness and other kind of nesses.

Personal experience, people. Personal experience.

And then we rejoice, like worli(s)!
And then we rejoice, like worli(s)!
  • Percy Jackson fandom: Movies were crap so we’ll be sitting over in the corner over here and writing fanfiction.

Do not read them, I repeat, do not read them. I Googled them and now I know way to much about the (kinky) sex life of Gods.

This.This exactly.
This. This exactly.
  • Harry Potter Fandom:
This explains pretty much everything.
This explains pretty much everything.
  • Hunger Games fandom: Aww, why don’t they show more killing?

And again, is this just me?



Disclaimer: No clowns or gods were harmed in the making of this work of art. Sexy people may or may not have been kidnapped by casting directors all over the world.

I Love My Nieces and Nephews But . . .

I don’t like it when they:

  • Try to strangle me.
  • Puke. (especially when you try to hold then closer to show your love) Then puke again. (and on the mouth)
  • Blame me for something. (“She gave me that ridiculous amount of hot chutney that will give me loose motions” *points at me*)
  • Ask questions which can never be answered (“Why don’t you have money?”)
  • Throw flour over me and play “Evade the ghost”.
  • Start crying when I call them.
  • Start smelling and depositing snot all over my newest tube of lipgloss.

But you know, all in all, kids are awesome.

I cannot wait for them to grow up though.

Until then:


Seven Ways My Brain Works/Overloads

Why stop at six?
Why stop at six, eh?


  • I have trust issues. That is, I don’t question people I trust. So if my best friend hands me a bomb, I’ll be all like, “Sure, yeah. I’ll hold on to this for you.”
  • Imaginary images conjured up by the Person in my head scare me greatly. So, I have great fear of flying snakes. And flying lizard tails.
  • I have a thing for charming BASKs – Badass Serial Killers.
  • I love sleeping. Apparently, I sleep even in my sleep. And then I sleep in my sleep sleep. It’s a sleep paradox.
  • And there is the dream paradox, where there is an earthquake in the dreams of my sleeps. But then I wake up, and realise that those earthquakes were actually mom snoring.
  • I despise cushy lovey-dovey stuff. But as I’m forbidden by the Person to kill anyone, I vent out my frustration in my stories. You’ll notice that whoever seems just a tiny bit happy, she/he/it gets blown up/chopped up/boiled/thrown off a cliff/chocked . . . You get the gist.
  • I have an urge to run away to the Himalayas to make my own cult. It involves frying one of your limbs for the initiation. What wants to join?

P.S. Hypothetically, if evidence against me killing people surfaces, this blog cannot be used against me. Reminding you again that this situation is a purely hypothetical.