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The Forbidden Word – Guest Post


12 years ago a zombie, in my mind, was a cartoon character whose favourite food is brains.
Then my Mum decided that it would be a good idea to let me watch Resident Evil at a very young age.

Zombies, in my mind, became a terrifying possibility.

The prompt for this post was, “What would be the creepiest thing that could happen to you?” At 17 years old I am ashamed to say that my answer is a zombie apocalypse. Or even a zombie encounter.

For years the word would send shivers down my spine. Zombies would wander through my mind every minute of every night. During the day I would look around, no matter where I was, to ensure a weapon was on hand to defend myself in the event of a zombie appearing.

I stopped watching zombie movies which diluted the fear a little. It would only make an appearance if someone happened to mention a zombie at any point. My body would shrug at the mention but my mind would lock it away to remind me of at night.

Recently, my fear has changed once again. I have slowly started introducing zombies into my life once again. I watched “World War Z” and thought I was safe. Yet, sure enough, two weeks later my zombie nightmares filled my mind night after night.

This fear has its claws in deep. I should be okay if I give Resident Evil a wide breadth!
NOTE: Amy is a 17 year old who works full time in an office from 9 until 5. She is also trying to gain another administration qualification. Her hobbies include reading, acting, learning, volunteering and writing. In her spare time she writes whenever she can and runs a blog.