The Daily Life of High School Seniors

I admit, I have been entertaining thoughts of deleting this blog and never ever thinking about what I posted here. But . . . I wanted to rant and I can’t anywhere else otherwise my friends are going to shoot me.

This is going to be long, people. Sit down and try to keep up.

Note: The title is self-explanatory.

There was a thing about my friend N, which A, her friend told H, his friend.

H mentioned it to his girlfriend, M.

M (conspiratorially) told Z.

Z consulted S.

Z and S (hesitantly) told N.

I listened.

With me?

N was upset.

Z and S cornered NA.

We think NA told MA and they told A. (remember him?)

A told H. 

Still reading?

H discussed it with is girlfriend (same one), M.

M cornered Z.

M may or may not have insulted S.

S wasn’t sure. She was offended nonetheless.

I listened.

[On a different note, O doesn’t care and SH is clueless.]

Now, Z and S may just threaten NA.

Who may just seek refuge in MA,

They may just consult A.

A may just rant in front of H.

H may just ask M’s opinion.

Here? Wait . . . don’t leave yet!

You may have guessed what I will do.

I’ll listen.

And probably make plans to tie them to chairs, lock them in a room, and threaten them unless they talk.

Confused? I know I am.

Just for the sake of the one’s who skipped this after two lines, here’s a quick diagram I made.

Nah, just kidding. Too much work.

But . . . pi charts are easy, so here you go.


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