Just To Say I’m Not Dead

As much as I want to update this blog as regularly as possible, I have been unable to do so because zombies and the purple monster under my bed keep killing me.

If you didn’t know already, it’s a tedious business coming back from the dead. I mean, the paperwork! First, there’s a twenty page long form to describe how you died and why you want to go back to ‘The Land of the Living’. Also, the office is run by old sods who don’t know what a blog is . . . or apartments . . . or females who can actually go out . . .

As I said, tedious.

Back to the point though, I haven’t been able to update this blog regularly. This year thought, I am trying to make an actual commitment and write stuff beforehand so I can just type up and publish it without fuss (much). It may take time, cuz my end of year exams end in the last week of February and I haven’t studied a bit, and the whole book(s) are coming for each damned subject and I HAVEN’T STUDIED ANYTHING and oh shit, I’ll fail this year and repeat the year with my juniurs who are going to mock and ostracise me and I’m going to be forever alone. *breathes into a paper bag*

Aaaanyway. *clears throat* I have been making art tutorials–from hand grips, to different types of shading and colouring, to drawing implements–so if anyone is on the lookout for some kind of help on any kind of topic based on anything art related, I’ll do me best to write a post on it or refer you to someone else. The tutorials will be published from March onwards weekly (2-3 every Thursday possibly).

Thank you, and have a nice day/evening/afternoon/dusk/dawn/you get the gist.


Is that a zombie with a meat cleaver coming towards me?



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