Pet Peeve


Imagine you met a girl on the road and became acquainted with her, and one day you just happened–just happened–to say ”you did not just say that’, and the girl slaps you, that would be me.

And then we would go about our happy lives.

Unless, of course, I was super mad at something and came to take out my anger on you at night. Then that’s an entirely different case.

Anyway, I’ve been harbouring this pet peeve for as long as I can remember. The phrase for the chalenged-people-with-teeny-vocubulary–‘you did not just say that’ (sometimes with a ‘seriously’ involved) gets on my nerves.

Also, I can’t let you go on the pretence of you being deaf. In that case, you would have said, ‘I’m legally deaf. Can you repeat that slowly so I can lip read better?’ or something. And yes, I seriously did just say that.

There have been some incidents which can verify my annoyance at the phrase.

Once upon a time, my tuitions had just ended and me and my friends were standing in a loose ring and talking. Some of them suddenly saw a guy and got very interested. After listening to their incredibly stupid conversation for a while, I mentioned that he neither had good looks nor any positive qualities. The conversation stopped and everyone turned to stare at me. Meanwhile, I was shaking a bottle of Pepsi (long time no drink, Pepsi!) and a girl broke the silence by saying in a patronising tone, ‘xetu tai kuwanai*.’

Coincidentally, I opened the cap of the bottle of Pepsi at that exact moment and the foam got splattered on the girl’s jeans.

I later insisted my split personality did that.

Okay, I was just searching for a really cool picture showing split personalities. But thanks for the info ~
Okay, I was just searching for a really cool picture showing split personalities. But thanks for the info ~

Just kidding. We chalked it up to an accident.

Or maybe it was in the stars. Hm . . .

Another day in school, I walked up to one my friend’s boyfriend despite my other friend request and asked him if he is sensitive about his height. He said yes and I came out of my class to see Dee (my aforementioned other friend) slightly blushing and repeating over and over, “Why? Why? Why did you ask him that?”

As much as I was wondering if she was hyperventilating, I was also on cloud nine by her non-usage of the phrase.  I wanted to hug her and laugh and cry at the same time, but that would have revealed I’m crazy so I settled for manically laughing, which worked just as well.


*Obviously, you should know what it means.

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