Confusions and Dilemmas–my weird dream life. Literally.

Ahem. So . . . well we didn’t die as the Mayans predicted. Insert awkward silence, crickets chirping and all that.

This is complete crap too

Is that enough on the apocalypse? Yes? Thank you.

Let us concentrate on far more important/life altering.

Namely, me.

Well I know that sounds a bit thick-headed, but I need to blow off s a ome steam.

Here goes:

As I went to the hospital on Monday I was determined to evade the night duty. I hoped I would be lucky.

But–of course–since it’s my luck, it didn’t hold.

Just as I was ready to come home, news broke out that there was a train wreck.

I rushed to the emergency room to find it full of patients. And as another train wreck was reported, the hospital overflowed.

And I got my dreaded night shifts. Treating the patients took forever. There were thousands of major and minor cuts and bruises, with three major surgeries.

Wednesday arrived, and I was in a surgery. I don’t remember much, but I think it was almost noon when I came out and heard there was another train wreck.

It wasn’t so bad this time. also, I don’t remember much, so I don;t really know what I did that day.

One thing I do remember was that I met my childhod friends, Anne and Aie (:o <<< your reaction, I know) in the ER at about midnight. So it was Thursday. Aie was okay, though Anne had a nasty cut on her leg. As I was flipping through charts, I was shouting (like a crazy person, FYI) something like, “Where is the staple gun?!” Poor Anne was absolutely terrified. Was I gong to staple her leg?

After waiting for about thirty seconds, I got so pissed I could have ended the world myself. But before I could get out a whole sentence, some intern handed me her staple gun. In hindsight, I really did sound dangerous (“WHERE IS THE FREAKING–GOT IT! STUPID MORONS!”). The handling of patients and saving lives went on till about midnight on Thursday too. I came home like a zombie when the overflow had led to a trickle (which was fine by me), and slept like a rock (or–you could say–like a Medusa victim).


Now I have  a severe back pain. I don’t know how you can have back pain by just dreaming, but I do.

Anyways, that’s me and my weird real-life-related-with-dreams dilemma.

Adios. Aloha. Sayonara. Bye bye. Tata. Ahu.

See ya next week.

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