The Pakora Chronicles

*Friend goes to a small roadside shop to buy pakoras.*

*Small roadside shop sells awesome pakoras. His mouth started to water at the thought of awesome pakoras.*

Friend: Rs 10 of pakoras, please.

Awesome pakora maker: Wait some minutes. The last batch just got sold out.

*Friend waits some distance away. Whets his appetite with thought of eating the awesome pakoras.*

Different types of this delicacy: Veg pakoras, Chicken pakoras, Fish pakoras, Bread pakoras et cetera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pakoras in Jaipur (atleast, wikipedia claimed so)
Pakora stand in Pushkar, Rajasthan (Photo credit: Bandarji. ‘Bandar’ means monkey. ‘Ji’ is a form of respect.)


*Friend finally can’t wait anymore. Turns to see if awesome pakoras are made yet.*

*Sees heaven. Awesome pakoras made. Cue halo and organs.*

And then,

Line of sight: Two men are staring at the freshly-made batch of awesome pakoras.

One of the men: All of them please.

Friend: *in slow motion* Nooooooooooooooooo.

*Awesome pakora maker lifts up the whole batch, wraps the pakoras and sells them to the two men.*

*Friend paralysed.*




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