Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Le Me: I Really Hate You

This is all your fault.

Dear Summer,

I hate you.

Now please don’t take that to heart. You know that I only feel that way because you’re being  unreasonable. I mean, 33 degree Celsius on a Friday? With the humidity being 68 percent! Even you have got to admit that is a bit too much.

You see now, don’t you?

I also plead the sun to shine it’s light a bit farther off. It is unbearable, and quite frustrating. Don’t you think so? Students are figuratively dying here, and we would be happy if the temperature drops atleast 5 degrees.

There are no beaches over here, and the sun’s rays are playing havoc with my complexion.The sunscreen doesn’t last, and now I have contrasting colours on my arms and legs by just being exposed to the sun for some half an hour. Now how am I going to wear a sleeveless top? It’s sad, really.

I hope you understood why I hate you.

Thank you.