Name, Place, Animal and Thing

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Name Place Animal Thing.

What it is:

A game.


It is played on paper by making four columns (one of each: name, place, animal, thing) by two or more players.


  • Players have to select an alphabet by any way they wish.
  • A letter may be repeated or ignored after using it one time.
  • A name, place, animal and a thing should be written starting from the selected alphabet, hiding their papers. If one player finishes, he/she will commence counting backwards from 10.
  • The other players should finish by the time the person counting reaches 0.
  • The players share what they had written.
  • The total marks in each round is 40 (10 for each column). If two words are similar of any two or more players, then they each get a 5. The columns which are left blank (Because of unknown name, place etc.) get a 0.
  • This can be continued till the players are bored or exhausted or after twenty-four rounds.

How the Kids of I and II standard in my school bus play:

  • Two or more players are needed in each team so that they can work together.
  • If any name, place, animal or thing  is unknown to the players, they have the liberty to make up their own, since it is “funner”. Rule-related question: Do ice-fish exist? Or ice-leopard? Or maybe Garden (girl’s name. Pronunciation: Gaa-din)?
  • A team can manipulate the counting (speaking it fast) to suit their own needs.
  • Other teams may keep on writing even when the count had reached -10 by shouting at the team which had finished.
  • The game is continued till I remain in the bus.

Last Word: Kids these days. Shunning traditional values and customs. *tsk* tsk*

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