I Have a Lot to Pity Myself For

Really? I don’t see the perspective. This is humiliating. *I sit in the corner to pity myself*

My blogger friend Hobbles is throwing a pity party on her blog. To see what it is actually about, click here.

For  those of you who know, I am going to pity myself in bullet points since I am too lazy to . . . well think.

  • Hobbles is not actually a friend. She can be called a pseudo-friend. If I ever meet her in person, I’ll probably be too shy to say ‘Hi’. *social fail*
  • I am too lazy. *the reason for being a social fail*
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<This is called eliciting some good ol’ frustrated screaming. Why, you ask? Because I am pitying myself, you thick-headed human.
  • I didn’t get some oil colours I was desperately seeking. Oh this cruel world!
  • I didn’t get something else I don’t remember the name of. Or rather I am too lazy to remember the name of.
  • Problems of exams! One finished on previous Friday. The next starts in the next month. *midterms*
  • I’ll fail.
  • I think I jinxed that.
  • I think i jinxed that too.
  • Great. Now I am officially confused about the meaning of ‘Jinxed’.
  • Cockroach climbing my leg! Go away! Go away! I hate you!
  • LATE FOR THE PITY PARTY. Wait, no. I was too busy pitying myself to pity myself in the pity party.

I have no idea what to pity myself for anymore.  Maybe I should pity myself for not knowing to pity myself.

  • I pity myself for not knowing how to pity myself.

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