A post from my sister’s blog. This was too awesome not too share.


Early men: we don’t need to define the them, everyone knows who they were. . Its like “DUH!”

But something unfamiliar. . Ever heard of urban Cave Girls ?? They are famous here man!

Well most probably you haven’t because that’s something we invented ( so origi-naals we are!) . You will fall in that category if you ever had to go through these circumstances:-
1) Had to stay more than a  week without Internet. The ever informative, the ever entertaining, greatest of the greatest- Internet! Then you get it for like one day. . and it kind of goes away again -_-”
2) Had to put up with just five texts a day!!
3) Your movie stock was depleting…like three movies a day.

4) You had exams, so hellhounds your parents are guarding the door , so that you can’t go anywhere. You get the stink eye even…

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