When she was talking about Peace, why did I have an image of flamingoes down by the lake?

Yay! Look at all the PINK! <<< This is being sarcastic. My head hurts.

This article may contain a few exaggerations. Not much. Just a couple of them.

As my only follower doesn’t know my humble readers have not yet gleaned the fact from me, I dare to reveal that I am pretty good at sketching. And maybe even painting. but that’s not my point.

I joined an art competition today.

TOPIC: Peace

Now when I say that, everyone thinks about World Peace. Well, most people. So what is associated with World peace? the globe. The dove. An olive branch. Maybe some people praying. And then there are the peace signs.

Today . . . I saw so much of them, I wanted to *censored*

Anyways, after I was done with my painting (didn’t draw any of the aforementioned stuff), I stood up and surveyed the others’.

My reactions . . .

(in a detached kind of way) Hey, that’s a dove.The girl in the painting just let it out of the cage.

ooo, a super-vivid drawing. Awesome awesome. She’s better than me. Is that poster colour or water?

A scenery? How is that related with peace? Oh fine . . . he’s just a kid (assuming he was seven or eight) Wait a second. (saw the class) Sixth standard! SIXTH standard! (lost my cool) Why are the younger generations getting so short and scrawny!!????

Five minutes after:

Whoa! That iz a loooot of doves.

(something else caught my eye) What is that? My eyes are not as they used to be. What is that? (went closer. Saw a dove trying to kill a crow) eh? (utterly confused)

And then I completely forgot about my surveying.

Exit Question: So what do you think about peace?

8 thoughts on “When she was talking about Peace, why did I have an image of flamingoes down by the lake?

    1. Oh I wasn’t really grumpy about that point. My sister didn’t even get many viewers for atleast two weeks. i got ypou on the first day. 😛

      Don’t think I can. we don’t have a camera, and the shots with cells phones are really grainy

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